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In my lifetime I have wanted many careers. This page is just a random listing of all the different things I've ever wanted to be in my life.
Fun Stuff
The very first thing I ever wanted to be (so my mother says) is a bunny. She claims that one of my oldest sister's friends asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I said a bunny rabbit.
The next thing I wanted to be was a librarian. I think it was because I liked the sound that the date-stamper thing made. I always liked things that made noise like that... And that leads to my next ambition-to be a cashier at a grocery store. I liked the noise of the machines as the different items were scanned.
The next thing I can really remember wanting to be was a writer. I've always liked to write. The want of being a writer still has not faded, though I've also wanted to be other things, as well as a writer.
Then, almost a year ago, I decided I wanted to be a guitar tech. I knew I couldn't play guitar very well, but I figured that I could tune guitars all right. I had gotten a guitar which had a cracked head, was missing a string, and was quite scratched up from so much misuse and abuse over the years. It was also missing one of the machineheads, so I had to buy new ones to put on. Of course, the machineheads I bought did not fit in the guitar, so I had to drill new holes into the head of the guitar. My dad and I set to fixing the guitar up, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided I wanted to be a guitar tech.
The next thing I wanted to be (and still want to be now, other than a writer) was a pastry chef. I've always loved baking, and especially baking desserts. It was watching a pastry chef competition on the Food Network that caused me to really admire the work they do, and made me really want to become a pastry chef. So many people are surprised when I say, "I want to be a pastry chef." They reply, "but you're so smart!" I realize being a pastry chef doesn't take as much intelligence as, say, a chemist would, but it takes hard work and dedication-and I truly love to bake.
Yummy-licious Cake
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