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I figured since hockey is my favorite sport, I should have a page dedicated to it. So here it is. Some basics;

1. My favorite team is the Washington Capitals

2. My favorite player is Peter Bondra (who plays for the Washington Capitals).

3. My very first game was on March 5, 2000 against the Buffalo Sabres. Ever since that game, I've been hooked on hockey.

4.I have been to thirteen hockey games, all at the MCI Center, which is where the Caps play.

Fun Stuff
Washington Capitals Logo
This is the Washington Capitals' logo.
This is Peter Bondra, my favorite player for the Caps. He has been with the Caps his entire career and has thrived in Washington. He holds many of the records for the team and has gone to the All Star game two times in his career. He has won the fastest skater competition twice at the All-Star game.
Peter Bondra
Peter Bondra Grappling with Darius Kasparaitis
Here is Bondra skating; wearing an old time Caps jersey, which, personally, I think is far prettier than their new ones.
This is Bondra grappling with Darius Kasparaitis last year during the playoffs. I rather dislike Kasparaitis, but maybe that is because he not only played for the penguins (he was traded this year) but he gave Bondra quite a hard time last year during the playoffs.
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